don't sweat it with these five tricks.

Sweltering hot weather is expected to continue into this week all across B.C. and Alberta with issued heat warnings and a high of 32 degrees in the forecast. Great for beach and cabin-time, less cool for getting some shut-eye. So what’s the best way for an eco-conscious, a/c-free sleeper to catch some Zs? Here are five DIY strategies to avoid insomnia this summer. (Photo Credit: Rafael Lodos, Unsplash)

1. Freezer Socks

Okay, can we say something crazy? Soak a pair of cotton socks in cold water, toss them in a plastic zip-lock bag, and chuck that bag into the freezer. There’s a method to the madness. Wait about half an hour, pull them out and pull them on your feet. The reason this odd trick works is because feet are one of the most crucial body parts when it comes to temperature regulation—when your feet are cool, so is the rest of you. (Photo Credit: iStock)

2. DIY Air Conditioner

Second only to air-conditioners and cold showers, the fan is everyone’s best friend in the summer. If you have a whirling air blower handy, you can combine it with your after-shower towel to create a self-made air conditioner: simply place the towel over the face of the fan. It’s an elementary example of evaporative cooling, where heat from the hot air transfers to the water’s lower temperature, resulting in cooler air. Alternatively, you can also substitute with a bucket of ice in a shallow pan or bowl in front of the fan, which will generate a cooling mist as the ice melts. (Photo Credit: View Stock, Getty Images)

3. Ricepack

Rice isn’t just for eating and throwing at newlyweds: this cheap cupboard staple also has high temperature-absorbing properties that can help you stay cool on hot summer nights. Fill an old pillowcase with as much uncooked rice as necessary until fluffiness is to your liking, then securely sew up the open side. Set the pillowcase in the fridge for around half an hour or so before taking it out to use. The ch-illow will last you approximately 30 minutes, giving you plenty of time to nod off in the heat. Feel free to make mini cold compresses with old socks that can go into your bedsheets the same way, if cooling your head isn’t enough. (Photo Credit: Pexels)

4. Stimulate Your Senses

If you’ve ever sucked on peppermint candy, you already know its chilling effect. The menthol in mint tricks nerve receptors in your brain into feeling cold and on hot summer days, that’s exactly what you need. Add some peppermint essential oil to your body wash or lotion to get an all-over cooling feel before bed. Opt for eucalyptus oil or a blend of spearmint and lemongrass if mint isn’t your thing. Make sure to dilute and mix the two ingredients well, to avoid tingling and irritating sensations in your skin. Refrain from applying anything on your face for the same reason. (Photo Credit: Daria Shevtsova, Pexels)

5. Less Is Floor

While it doesn’t seem ideal to sleep on the floor, there are cool benefits to laying low in the heat: hot air rises, leaving you surrounded by cooler air. And sleeping on the ground is actually better for our bodies—our spine realigns to its natural posture more easily, and sleeping on a firm and flat surface can help reduce back pain.