Stylish dressing tables to inspire.

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Often overlooked in design, the dressing table is worth considering, since the right one can elevate a bedroom from functional to luxurious. If you don’t think you can fit one in, these chic tables, including tiny alcove options and sleek modern designs, may show you the way.

1. Reclaim a Corner

Turn a wasted space into a practical one by tucking a petite dressing table into an alcove. By fitting a table with a mirror into a recess and adding two slim shelves above, the homeowners created a useful and pretty makeup area without taking up much valuable floor space.

2. Bridge a Gap

This neat dressing table is a clever custom option. By bridging the tiny space between two walls with a drawer shelf, and tucking a low stool underneath, the homeowners created a practical zone that maximizes every inch of the room. Ask a carpenter or builder to help create something similar in your own home.

3. Take Advantage of a Sloping Roof

Because you’re usually sitting down when using a dressing table, having generous ceiling height isn’t essential. A makeup vanity can fit nicely under a sloping roof or in an awkwardly shaped corner. As long as you have adequate lighting and wall space to hang a mirror, these areas should suffice.

4. Double Up

If you don’t have space for both a dressing table and a bedside table, you could combine them, as shown here, with a wide table spanning the space between the bed and the wall. Just allocate a little room for your bedside essentials.

5. Have Fun

This quirky dressing table doesn’t take itself too seriously and therefore adds plenty of character to this bedroom. Created from a vintage suitcase adorned with bulb lights, it’s perfect for storing makeup, brushes, perfume bottles and even a vase of flowers.

6. Borrow Space from a Run of Drawers

Low storage is an obvious choice underneath a sloping roof, and carving out space for a dressing table elevates this room and maximizes the view out the window. If you’re at the planning stage of a bedroom redesign and have factored in closed storage, see if there’s any way to reclaim a bit as a dressing table.

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