While the kitchen or living room often get crowned the heart of the home€”the place where we gather and connect, entertain and engage€”the bedroom quietly, humbly waits to host life’s more private, intimate moments.

“Your bedroom is just as important as your kitchen and living space,” argues interior designer Gillian Segal. “Although you may not have guests walk through or see this space, you spend the majority of your life in your bedroom.” And yet, this important space often gets prioritized last on our design to-do lists. 

Luckily, your bedroom won’t have to play second fiddle for much longer: we grilled Segal about her bedroom design tips to help you make your sleeping quarters into your favourite room in the house. 

Lean into the layering

Segal’s secret to creating a great bedroom? “I would say layers,” says the designer. “Making sure that there are different layers of materials creates a really cozy ambient space.” Bedding, paint, wallpaper, drapery, lighting: every element builds on the last. 

Drapery makes a difference

You can never really go wrong with drapery,” says Segal. Whether sheer and flowy or heavy and sumptuous, curtains bring a layer of texture into a space that’s imperative for the cozy factor. Of course, picking the right materials starts with your personal needs: are you a light sleeper who needs black out drapes, or will something lighter and more airy make you feel relaxed?

Love your linens

Investing in linens you love is going to set a foundation for a dreamy bedroom (and a good night’s sleep). Segal’s current fave source is Vancouver’s own Somm Home €” “the quality is amazing and they have a great selection of colours and tones,” she says.

Light it up… and down

Segal’s layering rule applies to lighting too. “Different layers of lighting are really important to the decor of a room,” says the designer. “Wall sconces, table lamps, pendants all help your eye wander around the room as-well as creating different moods depending on the level of day lighting you get.”

Avoid these common bedroom design mistakes

What’s the biggest mistake people generally make when designing their bedrooms? “It’s a toss up between under-scaled furniture and rugs, or buying matching sets for all of your furniture,” says Segal. The key takeaways here? Don’t be afraid to go big with your furniture pieces or area rugs: be bold and take up some space. And get creative when you’re sourcing your bedside tables or dressers €” getting too matchy-matchy starts to make a space feel a little bit like a show-room. Selecting different styles from different brands or shops helps add visual interest and a sense of depth.