Six designer ways to combine wood and white accents in the master bedroom.

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When you think of a palette of wood and white, a sleek kitchen might come to mind, or even a modern sunroom. But this neutral and serene pairing can also be a winning combination for the bedroom. White adds a clean, calm feeling to a room, while the warm tones and organic textures of wood create depth and visual interest, particularly against a white backdrop. Thanks to its simplicity, it’s not difficult to achieve a well-designed look with this pared-down palette. Check out these six bedrooms for inspiration.

1. Graphic Statement

To set the foundation for a wood-and-white palette in your bedroom, you might select furniture or decorative elements crafted from wood. A notable wooden dresser or bed can be a great place to begin.Why it works: Wood creates a stylish impact against a white backdrop by adding depth and texture to a simple white scheme. It’s also fairly easy to implement since wood is a common finish for most large bedroom furniture pieces.

2. Textural Resting Spot

To keep your white-and-wood palette from feeling too plain, create silhouettes, or shapes, in different shades of white. In this room, varied silhouettes—the textured rectangular rug, round lighting fixture and oblong sconces—add interest.Why it works: The additional depth of white shapes gives a neutral bedroom more visual punch. You might try layering white-hued items with contrasting textures, such as a braided ivory rug under an ottoman made of faux sheepskin.

3. Romantic Hideaway

This romantic bedroom is a strong example of using shapes and shades of white to elevate a wood-and-white room. Large vertical swaths of fabric and the curved silhouette of the chairs, all in white, enhance the elegant, primarily monochromatic palette.Design tip: Choose a different texture within the same hue for each silhouette. For example, select a square pillow in perhaps a silk fabric for your curved velvet armchair. This contrast in shape and fabric will create further visual interest and give the room a cohesive and designed look.

4. Just a Dab of Colour

A wood-and-white bedroom doesn’t have to go completely without colour. You can add neutral tones such as beige and grey or, if you prefer, subtle hints of bright shades.Why it works: When kept to a minimum, as shown here, a little colour can create an exciting feature within your still soothing palette.

5. Picture Perfect

Here’s another example of colour usage to make a wood-and-white room feel richer. The grey throw blanket echoes the subtle gray tones of the wood and gives the room some added warmth.Why it works: The accessories, like the black-and-white art, add visual interest and keep the bedroom from looking too stark.

6. Shimmer Above

Give your wood-and-white bedroom a luxurious and glamorous feeling by accessorizing with mirrors or metallic details, such as this beautiful chandelier.Why it works: Mirrors and shiny finishes are essentially neutral colors. Introducing these metallic or reflective surfaces can maintain your serene palette while elevating the decor with a little glitz.

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