Three beautiful bedrooms, three unique looks.

Designer Joanna Vagelatos shares her expert tips and tricks for creating a cozy hideaway that’s sure to inspire plenty of sweet dreams.

LOOK #1: Eclectic Nautical

A monochromatic palette brings shapes and textures to the fore in this bedroom. The sculptural lamp, made from a salvaged anchor chain, contrasts against the rich fabrics and tufted velvet headboard. The ocean view isn’t bad, either.Clash your patterns. Just make sure they aren’t on the same scale. Combine a small check, a wide stripe and a medium-sized floral, and stick to blue and white to keep the combination serene.Combine contrasting textures. Keep a simple colour palette from falling flat by layering in texture. Here, the high-gloss side table stands out against the matte walls and soft, prewashed cotton sheets.Mix up your bedsheets. Keep away from sterile matching bedding sets. Layering a luxurious duvet with a handmade throw and pillows you picked up on your travels will make your bed much softer and inviting.nautical bedroom

LOOK #2: Organic Valentine

Vagelatos designed this bedroom for a woman in her mid-30s who loves to travel. Unapologetically girly and outgoing, the room layers pinks and reds with rich details that express the owner’s personality.Integrate details from different places and times. The vibrant, hand-printed Indian pillows add luxury, the intricate wrought-iron bed frame has a vintage feel, and the bold prints and bedside lamp keep the look modern.Get personal. The best interior designs tell stories. This one gains personal significance by incorporating the owner’s travel souvenirs alongside pieces by local artists.Mix girly with earthy. If you want to go feminine but don’t want frou-frou, add depth with organic elements like this textured grasscloth wallpaper.WLCFall2014_organic_valentine

LOOK #3: Quirky Farmhouse

The single woman in her 20s who owns this small studio wanted a fun, put-together look on a budget. Vagelatos used light colours and strategic lighting to keep the space feeling airy.Enhance a small space with the right lighting. Wall-mounted lamps and transparent pendants work well for smaller spaces because they don’t block the view and they keep the room feeling open. A bare filament bulb creates a soft ambience and takes up minimal visual space.Keep patterns and graphics to a minimum. In a small space, one central focus makes a big impact. The floral throw pillow here adds warmth to the room and brings out the soft colour of the bedspread.Use simple, rustic accents. The wooden pallet headboard adds surprising character and subtle colour. The pendant lampshade is a playful, modern take on a traditional shape. Quirky farm house bedroom