Is it possible that every Tacofino location is truly as beautiful and charming as we think they are, or have we just been wooed by the tofu burritos and jalapeno margaritas? Are we viewing the world through, uh, taco-coloured glasses?

If you are strong enough of character to put down your banana churro, consider the facts and judge for yourself. In Tacofino’s typical “is this chain even really a chain” fashion, the tiny, 1,985-square-foot Kits location looks nothing like its taco restaurant brethren, leaning into its Westside identity via a beach-minimalism vibe. (The yoga studio next door just amplifies the oh-so-Kits feel.)

Designer Shiloh Sukkau brings a windswept feeling to the artfully sparse space, with lighting cables mounted to the walls in swirling, wave-like shapes to evoke the nearby ocean. Tabletops are peppered with beach-stone terrazzo, and the cedar cladding along the banquette seating is painted a striking sea-foam green. 

So is it love, or is it the nacho platter? We’re not sure we care when it feels (and tastes) this good.