COVID-19 has all of us considering space differently, but Grove Salon designers Bridgette and Matthew Pysh were distance-conscious long before pandemic times. “A lot of it comes down to being a stylist for the last 20 years,” says Bridgette. “We know what works.” With the hustle and bustle of everyday cuts, colours, touch-ups and blowouts in mind, the couple created the 917-square-foot Vancouver salon and retail space with plenty of elbow room.

Grove’s design is simple, but intentional: “floating” stations ensure plenty of leg room and space for stylists to do their thing, and having only seven chairs in total keeps the space bright and airy. “Our goal is always to provide a relaxed high-end experience to our guests,” says Bridgette, “but it’s just as important for the people who are working in the space to have enough room so that they can comfortably work.”

A massive concrete beam ate up some of the salon’s central space, so Bridgette and Matthew (of Crafted Design) concealed it with some clever woodwork and a front desk. The workstations flow around it, and a more private shampoo area is hidden behind.

The pair are always looking for ways to incorporate wood into their home renovations and studio spaces. For Grove, ash was selected for the handcrafted work stations and front desk, while a fallen log sourced from the beach in Saltspring was cut, sanded and clearcoated to make a low table in the waiting area. A pink velvet couch from Structube adds a little bit of playfulness to the natural space.

None of the wood is stained; the designers say that incorporating a bit of the outside inside is key to creating a relaxing salon experience. Lots of greenery adds to those oh-so-soothing vibes. “Plants are a huge part of our whole philosophy in general,” says Bridgette. It goes beyond design—their organic and naturally derived hair products compliment the salon’s all-natural look.

Photos by Stacey Firth.