B.C.’s favourite little taco empire continues it’s forward march with a seriously-cool, surf-punk inspired joint in Yaletown.

A taco-shaped hole in Yaletown’s heart has just been filled. Widely-celebrated B.C. SoCal-style taco and drinks spot Tacofino opened this week to bring some much-needed Vancouver Island “chill”  to the downtown neighbourhood.Tucked in a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it slot (previously occupied by a Saladworks) toward the end of Mainland Street, Tacofino’s newest offspring is a gorgeously California surfer-punk deco hangout. Designed by Shiloh Sukkau (who also oversaw their windswept, coastal-oriented Gastown flagship location), this 38-seat restaurant (with a 12-seat patio incoming) brings some serious SoCal cool to Yaletown. Decorated by floor-to ceiling pastels painted by Courtney Presber and surf-centric paintings provided by Caroline Weaver, the walls stretch far upwards to an exposed-wood ceiling—creating a bright, sociable space worthy of repeat visits.The room evokes visions of Keith Haring and classic ’80s collage poster art, and it wouldn’t be difficult to let the mind drift to picture oneself along the shores of Santa Cruz. Coming back to reality, a Lemongrass Chicken Burrito in hand (and a lime margarita within reach), the beach won’t seem so far away at all.

Photo Gallery: A peek inside Tacofino’s surf-punk-inspired Yaletown location

The Yaletown location puts an emphasis on a different pace of dining than the sit-and-linger Gastown location. With takeout and quick drop-ins a major focus, this location allows for an efficient in-and-out if time is short. The oak ply bar tops depict images of all manner of taco and California-centric things.With a decidedly different aesthetic than Tacofino's other brick-and-mortar locations, the 1980s SoCal surf-scene inspired Yaletown location brings an open yet intimate beach-vibe to the brand's newest endeavour.Utilizing a room with ceilings almost as high as the space is long can be difficult. Returning Tacofino designer Shiloh Sukkau let the height speak for itself, maximizing the natural light exposure during the day and dangling light fixtures up high for nighttime. The small space really nails the theme of a sunny West-Coast beach vibe. Sakkau and Roland Eickmeier designed and constructed these original, knockout mosaic-tile tables. Understandably, you may feel a bit guilty spilling burrito guts on them. These handcrafted black-glazed porcelain light-fixtures, made by Meghann Hubert (who also did the light fixtures at the Gastown location), give the room a subdued glow, akin to a sunset on the beach.Tacos, tacos, tacos. Did we mention tacos? The menu, created in collaboration between Regional Chef Christine DeYoung and Co-Founders Jason Sussman and Kaeli Robinson introduces a number of new items to the Tacofino lineup, such as the White Bean Taco.Another new additional to the Tacofino lineup, these Soft and Crunchy Carnitas are a surefire summer hit, proving once again Tacofino is so much more than your basic Taco truck. Led by Chef de Cuisine Trevor Backus, expect the kitchen at Tacofino Yaletown to roll out tons of interesting new dishes.Pepper Shrimp with Spicy Peanut SauceQuick, affordable, and unbelievably tasty, a burrito done well is the perfect casual meal. Tacofino's new wraps such as this mouthwatering (vegetarian!) Cauliflower Burrito turn the Vancouver burrito game on it's head.


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