It's normal to want to hit the road to, erm, see a restroom in person, right?

Last year, WL executive editor Stacey McLachlan shared some pics of a millennial-pink bathroom, acknowledging that, while it was sure as heck pretty, it just might look a little dated down the road. That time, apparently, has yet to come as I’ve become obsessed with a similar, also pretty-in-pink restroom—this one accented by a glittering brass sink!—that recently landed in my inbox.

The restroom, its walls covered in custom millennial-pink Ann Sacks tiles and decorated with gilded fixtures like a milk-glass pendant light and bespoke suspended oval mirror, belongs to Willmott’s Ghost, a new-ish restaurant in Seattle’s recently opened Amazon Spheres that had me immediately plotting a trip to the Emerald City for my next free weekend. I mean, just look at it!

Clearly, the designers behind the space—Heliotrope Architects and Price Erickson—are just as enamored with this particular shade of pink as I am, as the colour extends into Willmott’s dining room, where it coats concrete pillars, mugs and even a La Marzocco espresso machine. Here, the generous use of pink isn’t for naught. Taken together with the white marble and seafoam green prevalent throughout the space, it’s a pastel interpretation of the Italian flag’s (or a margherita pizza’s) green, white and red scheme. (Willmott’s serves, you guessed it, Italian, and is the latest venture from local restaurateur Renee Erickson.)

Sure, translating crimson red into a soft, dewy pink with generational appeal is a bit of a stretch, but we’ll excuse it if it means a room that’s this pretty. The curvy layout—the restaurant is situated within a glass-enclosed dome, one of three conservatories that make up the Spheres—and the spot’s site below a three-story greenhouse add to the intrigue. Plus, Willmott’s is one of only three spaces open to the public at the Spheres, which is meant to be a lounge and work area for Amazon employees.

In other words, I think I have the first stop sorted for my (and your) next trip to Seatt.