The BC Energy Step Code is changing the requirements for how we build homes in BC. Starting May 1, 2023, the Code will require most new construction in BC to be 20% more energy efficient than the base 2018 BC Building Code. Advanced techniques and technologies have home builders working as much with science as with tools these days with a focus on improving the energy efficiencies and reducing environmental footprint in what are known in the industry as high-performance homes.

The Homebuilders Association Vancouver (HAVAN) Awards for Housing Excellence winners were announced Saturday, April 22, 2023, at the JW Marriott Parq Hotel in Vancouver. Celebrating the best in new home construction, design and renovation in Metro Vancouver, highlights from the special achievement award categories include Best Energy Labelled Home, BC Housing Award for Excellence in Housing Solutions, and FortisBC Award for Excellence in Energy Efficiency in New Residential Construction.

HAVAN CEO Ron Rapp said, “It is significant to note that many of our members have been building above code for years and are leaders in the high-performance design and building space. When homeowners are looking to build and or renovate their homes, it will be important to work with professionals experienced in building to the new Code levels.”

High-performance Home Design

Queen Mary. Builder: Kingdom Builders Inc., Designer: Architrix Design Studio Inc. Photo Credit: Kingdom Builders Inc.

Showcasing a broad variety of archetypes from innovative laneway homes and infill housing solutions to luxurious ultra modern houses and condos, plus the full spectrum of multi-family developments, the HAVAN Awards for Housing Excellence offer inspiration and resources for anyone looking to build, design or renovate their home.

Whereas years ago, there may have been a builder and few workers onsite, today, building to the new code requires a team of professionals to achieve the targeted energy levels of the home with a major focus on the building envelop and the mechanical systems that help to our keep homes energy efficient while generating consistent temperatures year-round.

“In addition to energy efficiencies, homeowners can expect increased resilience, consistent comfort throughout the home, better indoor air quality and improved sound abatement when looking to build to a higher performance level,” Rapp said.

Choosing a Professional

Triadic. Best Builders Ltd.; Architect: Ian McLean Architecture; Photo Credit: Barry Calhoun

Choosing to work with award-winning builders, renovators and designers, homeowners will have added confidence they are hiring skilled professionals with industry resources to ensure the best outcomes.

“Homeowners work with builders and designers who embrace an integrated design approach for the best control over the construction process and budget,” Rapp said, noting the builder will typically control the bulk of the spend.

Check out the winners of the 2023 HAVAN Awards for Housing Excellence at for inspiration and resources for finding industry leading builders, designers and renovators.

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