Calgary architect Marc Boutin shares his tips for creating a bright and warm cabin in less-than-sunny conditions.

Marc Boutin Bamfield cabinMarc Boutin has built a charming island cabin that manages to stay dry and cozy despite its wet surroundings. Below, his tips for how you can do the same.Bring in plenty of light.Think beyond light fixtures to floor-to-ceiling glazing and skylights, which allow for natural light to flood rooms on grey days.Use a wood-burning stove.A wood stove adds an aesthetic pleasure, sure, but it also quickly dries the air and warms the room.Plan for wet feet.Consider adding rubber mats or an aluminum tray carved into the floor which help catch unsightly drips and dirt.Build an outdoor closet.Shed your wet clothes outside and allow them to drip-dry in a covered outdoor closet (pictured above).First published in May 2012.