From living rooms to kitchens and everything in between, we bring you our five favourite designs from Vancouver’s Stephanie Brown.

Elegant French Loft Renovation Feature Western Living 2 (Photo: Phil Crozier.)

1. Elegant Escapade

This crisp second-storey loft is a bookworms dream. The sliding glass-panelled wall and the loft’s multiple windows open up the quiet space, filling it with the warm comfort of natural light. See more of this elegant French loft.

2. Pretty in Pastels

The fun mix of pastels, edgy copper accents and natural stone help this living room find the perfect balance between sophistication and youthfulness. Learn more about the pastel design trend. (Photo: Janis Nicolay.)

3. Sailor’s Blues

The navy-striped rug in this fun and funky blue-and-white dining room makes us feel like we’re on top of the world; the alternative chandelier and oval table bring a modern twist to the classic sailor style. Read more about this pop art-inspired dining room. (Photo: Janis Nicolay.)

4. Open Concept

Want to make your small room look bigger? Take a page out of Brown’s book and line the wall opposite the window with Ikea mirrors. Here, the mirrors behind the bed open up the small space and help complete the room’s elegant-yet-simple look. See more of Stephanie Brown’s Vancouver home. (Photo: Janis Nicolay.)

5. Neutral and Natural

This neutral kitchen gets its pop of personality from the asymmetrical island and the four bubble lights hanging from the ceiling. The plant on the countertop adds a pop of colour—and a bit of life—to this clean cut space. See more of this stunning kitchen.

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