We’re loving Briana Mercier’s nature-inspired rings, necklaces and bracelets.

Briana Mercier of Urban Alchemy Jewelery has an eye for earthy references, creating pieces that carry the natural beauty of B.C. in jewellery form. Based in Prince George, her textural jewellery designs, made from silver, gold, brass and semi-precious stones are inspired by the natural world, the malleable qualities of each metal and more etherial concepts (think that of the Philosopher’s Stone, a mythical substance alchemists believed could turn lead into gold).

€œI love jewellery,” Mercier states on her website. “I love that I can sit at my bench, my happy place, and create pieces of art that will one day adorn a beautiful body. I love that through my craft, I share a small piece of my heart and my vision with my clients and fellow jewelry lovers.€

See more of her unique designs on Instagram  (@urbanalchemyjewelry) and remember to tag your work with #WLDesignerSpotlight for a chance to be featured.