Designer Sydney Carlaw on how 5 simple steps to taking your renovation to the next level.

Sydney Carlaw of Purity Design helped one couple reimagine their penthouse’s second act. “They had so many cherished memories here, so they wanted the space to still reflect them,” she says. “But they also envisioned something that would be a wholesale difference from their large Craftsman home in the suburbs.”

Here are her top 5 tips on how to make your own renovation work, too.

Choose floors to fall in love with.

“This is key because they’re one of the first things you’ll notice. With an open concept, you sense the floors right away and it will have such a gorgeous feel. Take the time so you can love your hardwood.”

Pick the right lighting to add wow factor.

“For example, instead of a typical sconce, choose a ceiling pendant. Good lights don’t have to cost a lot of money—there are really cute ones from West Elm and CB2 that won’t break the bank.”

Don’t be afraid to tile a small space for added luxury.

“Tile can bring you over budget, but if you select wisely, the beauty of a floor-to-ceiling wall has such dramatic and luxurious impact.”

Use steel-framed glass doors.

“They’re like art, yet they’re doors!” says Carlaw. “Even doing a steel glass door in a shower is another beautiful place to install them.”