The ‘Love It or List It Vancouver’ star knows the secrets to maximizing storage space.

Between stuffed animals, snowboards and stacks of tile samples, interior designer Jillian Harris has plenty of stuff to store, thanks to her growing family and business. No wonder that when building her dream house, storage spaces were a primary concern. “A walk-in closet in the master bedroom will be configured differently from a linen closet that simply needs to accommodate towels, sheets and blankets,” Harris explains. “The same goes for storing games and toys in the family room; cleaning supplies in the utility room; or coats, hats, boots and umbrellas in the entry closet.”Bottom line? “Every storage space should be custom designed to suit its specific purpose,” Harris says, which is why she has launched a new line of custom Stor-X organizing products. But while configuration is a key first step, keeping a closet organized—and aesthetically pleasing—takes more. Below, Harris reveals her professional tips for making every nook and cranny not just neat, but beautiful.

1. Brush Up

We all want the walk-in, but if your closet is more of a cubby-hole, fear not. Harris notes that a light, bright coat of paint can help create an illusion of spaciousness.

2. Well-Seasoned

Another way to save space? “Weed out what don’t wear!” Store out of season clothes on a top shelf or, better yet, under the bed.

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3. Double Up

Harris met her fair share of small space dwellers on Love It or List It Vancouver—so she knows better than anyone that “every inch matters.” Her best tip? Hang the top closet rod high enough to fit a second one underneath, and invest in stacked or cascading hangers.

4. About Face

Arrange clothes so that all your sweaters, tees and shirts face the same way. “Not only does this make your closet look neater, it makes it so much easier to find exactly what you are looking for,” explains Harris.

5. In the Bag

“It is important to have the right purse for every outfit or occasion,” Harris says, “whether it’s a day at the beach, a business lunch or a black-tie affair.” Stash satchels in hanging baskets to make accessorizing a breeze.

6. High Visibility

Ergonomics aren’t just for the office. To maximize functionality, “store your most used items at eye level, less used items down below and the least used items up high,” Harris recommends.

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