The results are in! We chat style tips and strategy with the contest’s three winning finalists.

Urban BarnBecoming a finalist for Western Canada’s Next Home Stylist contest was only the beginning!Vancouver’s Tijana Popovic, Calgary’s Ryan Massel and Edmonton’s Christina Dennis were just announced as the final three competitors in the home stylist challenge (brought to you by Urban Barn and Western Living), and from now until the end of the summer they’ll be battling head-to-head in a series of lifestyle-themed competitions until a winner is crowned victorious in August.In addition to bragging rights, finalists are competing for a $1,000 Urban Barn gift card and a spot on the Home + Design Show stage amongst celeb presenters in Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton.Their first challenge is set to be announced tomorrow (in a video featuring Western Living Editor-in-Chief Anicka Quin), but before they get to work the home stylist hopefuls were eager to share their style tips and talk strategy.Western Canada Next Home Stylist 

Getting to know the Western Canada’s Next Home Stylist Finalists:

Tijana Popovic

Vancouver Finalist: Tijana Popovic

Occupation: Actor, host and lifestyle bloggerWebsite: frugallivingadventures.wordpress.comEntry VideoWL: How would you describe your design style?TP: Frugal meets trendy.WL: What’s your favourite design style and why?TP: Eclectic Vintage Modern Chic. I think this design look gives you room to be creative! I can mix a very modern couch with a vintage rug, chic ottoman and eclectic mismatched side tables, but it all works together.@frugallivingadventuresWL: How did you get started home styling?TP: I’ve always lived a frugal lifestyle and styling my home started out of necessity. When you live on a budget you might only be able to afford a small space, but you can make it into anything you want.WL: Home accessory you can’t live without?TP: Throw pillows! Having a lot of pillows around is not only comfortable, but allows me to change my decor easily with a new pillow cover. I also have some larger floor pillows I made that look nice as décor, but when entertaining are great as extra seating.WL: Biggest home styling mistake people are still making in 2015? TP: Playing it safe! I think people need to be more adventurous with their home styling. In my opinion right now anything goes! You like bright colours? Don’t be afraid to add more than one to your space. You want a feature wall with a crazy wallpaper? Do it! You can’t stop thinking about a funky item? Go buy it! Ryan Massel

Calgary Finalist: Ryan Massel

Occupation: Lifestyle/Events BloggerWebsite: immrfabulous.comEntry VideoWL: How would you describe your design style?RM: Living in a small, inner-city condo has taught me the talent of finding and building pieces that can serve dual function. I like design that surprises and makes people take notice.WL: Who’s inspiring you at the moment?RM: Art has always influenced my design aesthetic. Artists like Andy Warhol, Chris Cran and Slim Aarons have made such bold moves in colour and concept. They’ve taught me that it’s OK to be loud and unforgiving.WL: What’s your favourite design style and why? RM: I’ve been told my interior style has resembled a “Fun House.” Bright colours, shiny objects, interesting oddities and an obsession with mirrors. But I prefer to think I have mimicked the people and personalities of Palm Springs. Always fabulous!Ryan MasselWL: How did you get started home styling?RM: Growing up, I would spend my weekends garage sale-ing with my aunt. We were always on the hunt for interesting items that would complement her home—all at a bargain of course. Broken items, missing pieces, we’d sometimes have to be very creative to make things work. It taught me style didn’t have to be unobtainable or unaffordable.WL: Home accessory you can’t live without?RM: My Jonathan Adler Utopia Vases. With or without flowers they make a whimsical and interesting attraction.Christina Dennis

Edmonton finalist: Christina Dennis

Occupation: DIY/Design BloggerWebsite: thediymommy.comEntry VideoWL: How would you describe your design style?CD: I like an eclectic mix of vintage industrial, French country and relaxed bohemian.WL: Who’s inspiring you at the moment?CD: A lot of people inspire me, but lately I’ve been drawn to work that features a lot of white and heaps of flowers. I’m loving both Dreamy Whites and Craftberry Bush‘s Instagram feeds.WL: What’s your favourite space to style and why?CD: I go through phases, but most recently I’m enjoying beautifying my entry. Entrances can make such a great first impression in your home.WL: What do love about styling?CD: I love the challenge of taking many different elements and combining them in a unique way to tell a story. That vase of lilacs, that old book and those bowls might not say something on their own, but combined and arranged on a weathered dresser, they can speak volumes about a homeowner and their passions.WL: Your favourite furniture accessory in your home? CD: My husband bought me a gorgeous, off-white tufted settee last year after I gave birth to our third daughter. Not only do I love how it looks, but this piece has a story for me and it will forever remind me of that moment.WL: Home accessory you can’t live without?CD: Baskets. I can’t get enough of them, and they hide a multitude of sins.An inside look at Christina Dennis’ home from her website