An aptitude for math plus encouraging immigrant parents lined up Amanda Lwanga for a promising career as an engineer. But after 12 years of working in the environmental sector, she found herself with a creative itch that numbers just couldn€™t scratch€”at least not by themselves.

Photo by Romy Young.

A master's degree in architectural studies helped her realize her ultimate goal of owning her own multidisciplinary firm. €œI had built a foundation for problem solving,€ says Lwanga, €œbut the biggest problem I needed to solve was how to create a professional design practice that encompassed engineering, architecture and interior design.€ She calls her zigzag career path a blessing in disguise.

In this master suite, Lwanga used pops of forest green and dusty rose to create balance. Photo by Adrienne Lwanga.

Now, Lwanga is the owner and creative director of Linger Design Studio, an Edmonton-based firm that incorporates those three big loves. Linger Design Studio takes on both residential and commercial projects, and Lwanga is especially passionate about working with female professionals (because, of course, she is one).

Lwanga’s playful concept for the 2019 Vignettes Design Festival is meant to feel like stepping into a painting. Photo by Romy Young.

€œI understand how place can shape someone's trajectory, and how they view themselves,€ says Lwanga, €œso I create a sort of set for my client, to get into character of who they want to be.€ Her projects are an eclectic mix of brutalist design and maximalist modernism, always reflecting her client's rich history€”and bright future.

Linger Design Studio’s Montreal condo project features mixed metals, midnight brown walls and a gravity-defying island. Photo by Rogov Studio.