This Victoria ceramicist puts a new spin on craftsmanship.

“When I first started working with morgan clay, my hands bled,” laughs Amanda Paddock, a Victoria-based ceramicist who has since developed some serious calluses in the process of crafting her collection of handmade tumblers, vases and pots. “It’s almost like massaging sandpaper.” Once red, though, the clay takes on the look of heavy terracotta, its speckling visible through Paddock’s milky glazes or left exposed in geometric shapes and dot patterns. “I’m always inspired by where I live, the mountains, the ocean, the forest, the coastal landscapes, shapes and patterns in the world around me,” she says. “Having that feeling of calm is so important when I’m trying to make something that takes patience.” Up next: macramé hanging planters inspired by her mother’s own crafting and a line of new cups and mugs featuring the illustrations of artist Cate Webb.