Edmonton’s Delina Wright turns scraps of wood into works of art.

Scrap wood becomes abstract art in Delina Wright’s capable hands. And the Edmonton-based designer’s skill in the art of woodworking is even more deft than it first appears. “It’s like the world’s hardest jigsaw puzzle,” she laughs.

To create her pieces, Wright often spends hours plotting out a design (“If someone wants something specific, trying to transfer that into a geometric pattern can be challenging”) before mitering together found woods like spruce and pine into striking designs; for those who don’t want their artwork to fit in a frame, Wright also connects uncut scraps into one-of-a-kind formations. “I love working with my hands and finding the right shape,” she says. The pieces are DIY down to the last detail: Wright stains the wood herself using custom-mixed shades.

The Portfolio: Delina Wright