Western Living stylist Nicole Sjöstedt had developed a bit of a design crush, and we can€™t blame her: Landon Dix's smart, sophisticated pieces are worth obsessing over.

Landon DixWorking part-time jobs in design shops in 2012, Landon Dix found himself wishing he could contribute more. So, without any formal training (or informal training, for that matter), the 20-year-old, Vancouver-based designer set to work creating a collection of his own. It’s an eclectic line, but Dix is a bit of a home decor renaissance man. “I want to experiment with every medium,” he says. “Ideas pop into my head, and I just think, “I could make that.'” His simple, thoughtfully crafted pieces— inspired by the natural textures and patterns found over a lifetime of Sunshine Coast summers and North Shore forest wanderings—have already graced the pages of Western Living and Gray magazine and caught the eye of Monocle’s design radio hosts, but it was Dix’s pop-up shop last February that gave him the biggest thrill.As he finishes up the interior design program at BCIT, he’s stocking his home studio with the tools he needs for his next collection of design experiments. “My next purchase is going to be a welder,” Dix laughs. “I’ll figure it out, step by step.”WL0913.thegoods20The Jim Bowl This minimalist take on traditional Native American rope baskets integrates beautifully into both rustic and modern homes.WL0913.thegoods5Alder Coasters Dix collects fallen branches for his woodworking projects while walking the North Shore forests.WL0913.thegoods6Bulbous Cork Jug Earthy oatmeal and navy hues give this handmade pottery series a sophisticated spin.