Vancouver-based textile artist Julia Mior discovered an affinity for machinery when she began building motorcycles with her dad a few years ago. (€œI'm definitely a power-tools fanatic,€ she admits with a laugh.) So when she spotted a tufting gun for sale online, she thought, €œWhat the heck?€ and headed to checkout. Less than a year later, the 26-year-old was hooked on rug making. €œI love the process,€ she says. €œIt's like meditation for me.€

Credit: Photo by Tanya Goehring

That thoughtful process produces artful results: hand-tufted New Zealand wool floor coverings that are decorated with nude forms of the female body. On some rugs, the figures are portrayed through a handful of thick or thin strokes€”evocative of the works of Henri Matisse and Tracey Emin€”while on others they€™re shaded in navy, green or rust, and accompanied by the outlines of Greek vases or palm fronds.

For Mior, the decision to highlight women's bodies emphasizes the role that women have traditionally filled in textile and craft industries. But it also challenges viewers to consider their relationship with the depicted figures. €œIt's this conversation starter that everyone gets to have their own experience with,€ she says.

Julia Mior Rugs The Prime Luci Dell’Alba, $3,900

Julia Mior Rugs The Giulie, $1,150

Julia Mior Rugs The Alleve, $1,500

Julia Mior Rugs The Novara, $2,600