A life-long love of concrete turns into a burgeoning new design career.

It all started with a love of concrete. “I’ve always been attracted to it, just walking through the city,” says Steven Pollock of Woodstone Design. “I like its mass and heaviness; it has a real presence.”

When Pollock left behind a life in the global telecom industry 12 years ago, he decided to try turning that love into a new career, teaching himself the ins and outs of the medium. Since launching his new career, he has built up his skill set, combining the industrial feel of concrete and steel with the natural lines of wood to create everything from large-scale fireplace installations to custom furniture. 

“It’s a frustrating material to work with,” he says, “but I embrace the little air bubbles and imperfections that come from it.”

See Pollock’s work at Kate Duncan’s Address show, May 5 to 8 in Vancouver in the Waterfall building.


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