Vancouver's Studio Brovhn proves that great design doesn't have to be complex.

It’s rare to meet someone who has always known exactly what they want to do, but Miguel Brovhn’s creativity has always come naturally: as a teenager he was reading Architectural Digest and drafting interior design and architecture plans for his family’s homes. By 2009, Studio Brovhn was born.

studio brovhn bench

TODAY | Studio Brovhn’s Elemental line, found at Livingspace and Italinteriors in Vancouver, reflects Brovhn’s design philosophy: minimalist but beautiful. His Tyvek storage bags display incredible craftsmanship; they’re strong, durable and completely recyclable. In April, Brovhn released his first furniture line, which includes the clean and simple Hexa Round table(above). His O-Series (a collection of tables with reconfigurable bases), received honourable mention at the Emerge Italy contest.

studio brovhn table

Miguel Brovhn

TOMORROW | Brovhn will be partnering with Vanessa Leung to develop an Elemental lighting series made from Tyvek. And thanks to the attention garnered at Emerge Italy, an Italian company will be producing the O-Series, which will be showcased at the 2014 Milan Furniture Fair. It’s a bright future worthy of this bright designer. wl