Saskatoon was in need of a design showroom that could keep up with its evolving tastes. Tamara Bowman was more than happy to provide.

To build a house at age 20 is a pretty impressive accomplishment, but Tamara Bowman isn’t one to brag. “It’s still standing!” laughs the designer, reflecting on her very first project, constructed after graduating from Victoria’s Pacific Design Academy in 2000. But it’s not her architectural skills we’re admiring these days—it’s her mix of business smarts and beautiful interiors that together are reshaping Saskatoon style. “Saskatoon is changing,” says Bowman of her hometown. “People are stepping outside the box and wanting to do something different. It’s exciting to be a part of that.” After a difficult shopping trip through town with a client two years ago, Bowman decided that consulting out of her house wasn’t enough: the city was in need of a design showroom that could keep up with its evolving tastes. Her shop, Metric Design Centre, is a treasure trove of modern furniture and stylish renovation essentials (quirky ornate resin mirrors, sleek and futuristic fireplaces, Scandinavian inspirations, tiles and faucets and sinks from Kohler, Porcelanosa and the like). It’s small-scale vertical integration, and it’s working out well for Bowman: she and her compact team of associate designers were named Best Interior Design Company by Planet S last year, and Metric was recently tapped to collaborate on Campbell Homes’ Pink House project. Bowman and Co. outfitted the home—built from pink wood to promote breast cancer research—with warmth and Old World charm, pairing exposed beams with rich wallpapers, woodworks and textured stone. “I want people to appreciate the feeling of a well-designed space.”1013.tamaraspicksTamara’s Picks: The Roost Lotus Flower chandelier ($732) and these Lazy Susan hand-blown bottles ($109) are both pretty and playful.TamaraBowman_WL_12