Designer and craftsman Will Morrison creates elegant, functional furniture that’s built to last.

There are three essential qualities which guide designer Will Morrison when he’s creating a new piece of furniture—the piece should be solid, useful and beautiful. “The objects I create are centred primarily around functionality and how they fit into context,” says Morrison. Environmental impact is another important factor. “I think now more than ever we need to be considerate of what we consume and how that will affect future generations.”The clean, simple look of pieces like his flat pack daybed are both modern and classic. “I try to combine traditional craftsmanship with modern technology and imagine something which has never before existed and yet also has the familiarity and warmth of a good memory.”Will Morrison daybed Will Morrison’s flat pack daybed will be on display at IDS VancouverCatch Will Morrison’s work at Studio North during this year’s IDS Vancouver, September 28 through October 1.