Furniture designer Ben Barber brings a little colour to the West Coast.

Based on the bright and colourful pieces in Ben Barber’s collection, you might be surprised to learn he’s from the West Coast. “There’s a long history in Vancouver of woods and darker tones here,” says the furniture designer and sculptor.

But the minimalist and modern designs Barber has been producing since founding his studio in 2014 are shaking up the local aesthetic—his sleek and simple Bullet bowls are saturated in cerulean blues or orchid purples; the Fin credenza, with a customizable paint palette and trademark bowl feet, offers a vibrant postmodern spin on a simple storage piece.

Barber Studio’s eco-friendly, low-waste pieces are becoming a staple in a growing number of Vancouver design shops, but international acclaim can’t be far behind: the brand made a serious splash at New York Design Week, representing a newer, brighter wave of West Coast design.

One to Watch: Ben Barber - Western Living, March 2017

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