Local lamp design firm Loom steps into the spotlight.

Sorry, Edison: incandescent lighting was great while it lasted, but illumination tech has come a long way—and Loom Lighting is looking to push it even further. The B.C.-based lighting design firm, run by Matthew Kennedy and Yves Gagnon, makes use of LED light guiding, an advanced, eco-friendly technology that conducts light through a medium—fibre optics-style—so the lampshade itself is the light source. Their latest prototype, Diaphanous (a sleek pendant inspired by the night sky) took second place at last year’s LAMP lighting design competition and will be on the market soon. “In this industry, people too often do designs for design’s sake. There are so many interesting advances in technology that are not being taken advantage of,” says Kennedy. Adds Gagnon: “We want to light the future.”

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