Manitobah Mukluks pairs aboriginal traditions with modern innovation.

Manitobah MukluksThough Manitobah Mukluks has been around since 2007, in the past five years the Winnipeg-based company has seen unprecedented growth—Fortune magazine even named it one of the fastest-growing Canadian companies of 2014. We can see why: the beautifully designed moccasins and boots are made with high-quality leathers and furs, many of them dyed vibrant hues inspired by nature or kitted out with meticulous beadwork. But the traditional craftsmanship is supplemented with surprisingly high-tech materials—many of the art-embossed soles are crafted from high-performance Vibram rubber.Even after accolades from the fashion media (InStyle, Elle, O Magazine), what brings founder Sean McCormick the most joy is the company’s community initiatives. “Every step of the way, every time we get a little bigger, it allows us to make a bigger impact in our community,” he says. Manitobah Mukluks’ Storyboot Project, for example, partners elders and artisans to design and produce handcrafted mukluks, with all proceeds going straight back to the creators. “It’s about keeping the culture and art alive.”