“We want to create wonderful streetscapes that also create social diversity.”

Hindle ArchitectsJesse Hindle and Laura Alvey Hindle spend a lot of time considering Calgary’s urban fabric before the actual “designing” part of their work begins. “How do you create wonderful streetscapes that also create social diversity in the community?” asks Laura. “That’s really important for us in all the work we do.” She and Jesse trained abroad in London, but returned to their hometown in 2011 to put their community-minded process into practice, even with private projects.The airy Lassiter Court residence embraces views of Prairie sky and the passersby outside; the interior design of the Telus Sky building celebrates human interaction at the centre of the city. But as the architectural advisors for the regeneration of the Currie Barracks, a former federal military base, they’ve got an opportunity  to foster urban regeneration on a much larger scale: the gig involves developing design guidelines for some future buildings on the 195-acre parcel of land. “It’s really interesting for us to be involved in how Calgary’s evolving,” says Jesse.

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A rendering of Hindle Architect's Altardore. (Photo: Submitted.) A rendering of Hindle Architect’s upcoming (and under construction) Altadore 36 in Calgary’s Altadore neighbourhood. (Photo: Submitted.)LASSITER COURT - GREAT ROOM 01-web1 The great room from Hindle Architects’ Lassiter Court in inner-city Calgary. (Photo: Submitted.)hindle architects A bright and airy bedroom space in Lassiter Court from Hindle Architects. (Photo: Submitted.)1010 LASSITER COURT - UPPER LANDING-web An airy shot from the upper landing in Lassiter Court. (Photo: Submitted.)A rendering of Hindle Architects' Parkdale residence. (Photo: Submitted.) A rendering of Hindle Architects’ Parkdale townhouses along the north bank of Bow River, Calgary. (Photo: Submitted.)