The Calgary-based designer gives us the scoop on some of his must-haves.

We featured Calgary designer Paul Lavoie’s gorgeous, Palm Springs-inspired home in our January issue. Here, meet the man behind the design.Q&A Lavoie feature western living 11 How would you describe your personal style?A giant mix of anything that appeals to me—thus becoming its own theme. My home is a journey marked by the items I’ve collected.Name an up-and-coming design trend you’re most excited about.Colour. . . colour. . . colour!In your opinion, what are the key ingredients for a perfect night in?Being with my husband and my dog.What’s your favourite piece?The buffet we bought at a Paris flea market. It’s not just the best piece of furniture; it’s a priceless memory.What’s an item that’s still on your wish list for the house?An antique area carpet.What’s one design trick you often come back to?Mirror the unexpected, like the backs of closets or bookcases. It always adds depth.What three things are always in your fridge?Cheese, wine and Diet Coke, of course!What’s on your nightstand? A picture of Doug and me on holidays—great memory.What are three of your favourite design stores in town?Kit, For Living and Rubaiyat.What do you like most about living and working in the West?The people. The attitude that anything is possible.Get an inside look at Lavoie’s Calgary home in our full feature article.