Designer Samantha Pynn shares her tips for simply designing a stylish bedroom with beautiful patterns and soft palettes. Step one: prepare for lots and lots of layers. 

One of our favourite things about winter? Having a built-in excuse for cozy, lazy Sundays. And because we like to sleep in with some style, we asked designer Samantha Pynn for her tips on creating a warm and comfy bed. After all, she’s releasing a new line of linens at Simons Vancouver for early 2016 (think organic shades and metallic touches—soft meets glam): who better to approach for a little pillow talk?Samantha gives us these three tips in creating your ideal bedroom:Samantha-Pynn---Accent-Pillows

1. You can never have too many pillows. 

“I like a bed with a layered look, lots of pillows,” says Pynn. Depending on how you sleep or what you like, pillows are essential to any bedroom. Try layering with several pillows and plenty of patternand don’t forget about throws. Samantha-Pynn---Forget-Me-Not-Duvet-Cover-Set

2. Be creative with colour combinations.

“I like mixing things,” Pynn says. “Don’t get overly matchy.” Choose linen cushions for something more neutral or organic and pair them with fun patterned cushions to liven up the room. Samantha-Pynn---Lattice-Blush-Duvet-Cover-Set

3. Always have more than one sheet option. 

“It’s always nice to have three sets of sheets: one in the laundry, one in the cabinet, and one on the bed,” Pynn explains. And with three sheet sets, you‘ve got the option to mix and match. Start out with a lattice blush pattern duvet (like the one pictured above), add a grey sheet for something more neutral. For something sweeter, add another pink sheet, or for something a little more crisp, you can never go wrong with white.