We caught up with tile expert Sophie Belanger to talk about what's new and trending in the world of tile.

Get ready, Calgary! ICON Stone & Tile has just opened a one-stop shop close to Calgary’s city centre. Curating with Italy in mind, this new showroom is packed with the latest flooring trends from across the globe. In true Italian fashion, make sure to get your caffeine fix at their in-store cappuccino bar before setting off to explore the expansive showroom featuring ICON’s entire range of natural stone, quartz and tile products.With the exciting opening of Calgary’s newest ICON showroom, we thought it was the perfect time to ask Sophie Belanger, 20-year veteran of the stone business and Vice President of Marketing for ICON Stone and Tile, what’s new and hot in the world of tile?

Here are Sophie Belanger’s Top 5 Tile Trends for 2015:

1. Hexagon

Hexagon tile isn’t new—in fact, I’m sure most of us have childhood memories of hexagon-tiled bathrooms in our parents’ (or even grandparents’) old homes. But today’s hexagon tile is entirely redesigned. Featuring tactile elements, bold geometric patterns and naturalistic designs, “hexagon tile adds texture to a room”, Belanger says. Unlike the classic square tile, “It’s the detail of the hexagon tile that really makes the floor or wall pop.”1_hexagons_5

2. Neu Wood

Hardwood floors will never go out of style (fingers crossed!). Neu wood, or porcelain wood, mimics the natural products available in the market and is a sustainable option for hardwood lovers. Unlike other wood sources that are easily damaged, neu wood is easy to clean and maintain. Blend Dart, a contemporary neu wood ICON tile, is so popular ICON can barely keep it in stock. “Personally, I can see it working in almost all living spaces,” Belanger says. 1_neu_wood_6

3. Cementine

The charm and beauty of the 19th century is back! Handmade Moroccan cementine tile is flying off the shelves, according to Belanger. With its pure, geometric shapes and turn-of-the-century appeal, it’s a perfect statement piece for a bathroom or kitchen. “We live such busy lives,” notes Belanger, “that we need a sense of calming when we come home. Geometric tiles do that for you.”


4. Black and White

White kitchens and baths are definitely on trend for 2015. Therefore, it is no surprise that black and white tile is big in flooring design at the moment. It really is the perfect neutral. “You can always go wild with your accessories,” says the tile expert. “But floors last longer, so you want to have a nice base to play with.”6_black_n_white_5

5. Marble

Marble tile has been an interior design mainstay for years. “Marble will always be around,” Belanger says. “It’s an Italian classic.” So what makes it a trend in 2015? According to Belanger, people are being more courageous with their houses and not scared off by marble’s rigorous upkeep. “Aged marble has its own appeal,” says Belanger. Like the old cafés in Italy, aged vintage marble carries a certain personality that homeowners are loving (and buying) in droves.3_marbles_1For more information about ICON Stone and Tile check out their website and make sure to stop by their brand new Calgary showroom, located at 521 36th Ave. SE.