Cluttered closets and drawers, your days are numbered.

Have you done your big spring clean yet? Things already getting out of hand? Interior designer Kendall Ansell stopped by our offices to show us chic ways to organize your home with a clutch selection of space-savers. That tangled closet, those cluttered entryways, that scary under-the-sink nightmare of cleaning supplies!—do not panic, Kendall Ansell is here (and she brought reinforcements).

How to Get the (Organized!) Look

1. One Type of Coat Hanger to Rule Them AllUltra-thin, ultra-affordable hangers are the perfect way to store your everyday essentials or your favourite LBD. One uniform style of hanger makes things look more streamlined and chic. Plus these velvety hangers are extra skinny to save space and are easy on clothes. Black flocked hangers, $23,

2. The Under-the-Sink Solution We All Deservesimple adjustable shelf can be expanded or shrunken to properly fit under your sink; moveable segments help ensure that all of your cleaning products are in their proper place (and make way for pesky pipes!). Under sink expandable shelf, $20,

3. A Well Designed Umbrella Stand Goes a Long WayWho says umbrella stands have to be utilitarian and boring? Opt for something with a bit of zhoozh in marble or brass, or you could even use a gorgeous vase—like this stoneware vessel from CB2—to bring a bit of sunshine to the rainiest of days. Spin Glossy Vase, $129,

4. Combo Furniture is KingIf space is tight, you want furniture that is double duty, like a design-forward furniture piece that’s part coat rack and part shelf. Butler Stand, $299,

5. Elevate the DishesBlessed with a cavernous kitchen cupboard? This sturdy dish stand is designed to organize your shelves and make the most of that vertical space—and they’ve sturdy enough to hold heavy plates, glasses and pantry essentials. Metal mesh expandable cabinet shelves, $25,

6. Design Your Own DividersCustomize your space and style with these sleek dividers. Each slotted groove allows you to personally organize the items you want to feature in your drawers. Höfta divider, $3.49 (3 pc), 

7. Everything in Its PlaceTo stop your drawers from acting like tumble driers, Ansell recommended Room in Order’s variety of colourful and playful drawer organizers. These bins above have a protective base and keep stowed knickknacks in place. Bamboo organizers, $10,

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