The Interior Design Show Vancouver is gearing up for its 16th year and It's promising to be more art-tastic than ever.

This year, the Artist Project and the IDS Vancouver are teaming up to bring together art and design for the show. Artist Project, a Toronto-based independent art fair (the largest in Canada!), will curate a mini €œprofessional level fine art fair€ within the walls of IDS Vancouver on October 1-4.

€œA year ago at IDS Toronto we had this light-bulb moment where we knew we wanted to partner with one another because of the creativity and energy of our shows,€ said Emily-Jean Alexander, Director of Artist Project. €œWe decided to make it happen.€

IDS Vancouver Senior Event Manager Bronwyn Gourley-Woo says she is excited about the €œpotential for the partnership€ this collaboration spearheads.

There is currently space available for 12 artist booths and a small number of installations. Applications are due April 1 and presentations will be reviewed by a jury of industry professionals. There are also custom options available to galleries interested in participating.

Alexander says they’re looking to represent a variety of mediums, subject matter and social perspective in their display. A booth runs between $2,750 and $3,000, and includes wall space, marketing and communications campaigns and tickets to the opening night party. There is no sales commission.

€œThe IDS and Artist Project teams manage these details and have the walls installed and ready for the artists before they arrive on site so the artists can really focus on their work and their installation,€ said Gourley-Woo.

For those of us that are, tragically, not artistically blessed, there will still be plenty to enjoy from the Artist Project feature, with a series of Art Chats and Art Walks designed to personalize viewers’ experiences with the art.

Apply here by April 1.

For more information and to get tickets visit