Vancouver magazine’s new awards program will celebrate makers in the city.

Our sister publication, Vancouver magazine, launched its first-ever Made in Vancouver Awards this winter, and we understand there are questions. We’re here to answer them.So there’s the obvious, yes: what category should I enter? But perhaps even more important is this one: just what do I get out of this?

1. Winners and honourable mentions will be announced in the July/August issue of Vancouver magazine.

They’re dedicating their summer issue to each of the winners and honourees in the special Made in Vancouver Awards edition of Vancouver magazine. Expect to be treated like the star you are. (Photo: Jorge Zapata)

2. Finalists will be celebrated on April 1, 2019.

On and Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, the editors will be celebrating the top finalists in each of the 7 categories, and sharing web badges that declare you a Finalist in the first-ever Made in Vancouver Awards. (Photo: Dominik Scythe)

3. Your work will be in front of influential judges.

We’ve invited the best in the business to judge each category, and this is your chance to have their full attention. (Photo: Adam Jaime)

4. They’ll be hosting a Maker’s Market of finalists and winners in Fall 2019.

Those top finalists and winners in the Made in Vancouver Awards will be invited to participate in the magazine’s first-ever pop-up market, putting your Made in Vancouver products in front of the general public—just in time for the holiday season. (Photo: Joanna Kosinska)

5. You’ll want to enter now.

Don’t let your school training mean our deadline of February 15 is the day you submit. Save yourself the stress, and get your entry together now! It’s a simple process—mix a drink, sit down to the paperwork, and get it out the door.