The Interior Design Show (IDS) in Vancouver has long been known as the West’s physical hub for all things design. Despite the pandemic, 2020 IDS is on (with a change in format, obviously). The theme, “Natural Wonder,” highlights the idea of nature as creative director. This year’s hybrid experience is an awesome way for those living outside the West to gain access into this unique design community and be exposed to the aesthetic, ethos, and themes that are driving the industry forward. 

This year’s fair features two dozen accredited virtual seminars, workshops and virtual tours, along with a handful of smaller events around the city, hosted by a diverse group of industry pros who will be discussing timely topics like designing for a post-pandemic world and the future of city planning. “We want to create a place to share visions, challenges, triumphs, and potential for a more thoughtful, more beautiful design practice,” says IDS director Jody Phillips. In addition to online and offline events, there will also be a virtual show floor, so you can safely stay at home and not miss out on any of the action.

2020 IDS is calling on all designers and brands who haven’t already applied. It’s a great opportunity to showcase your work to a diverse, savvy design-centric audience while networking with other industry leaders.

Apply before July 15, 2020.