I wonder what else weighs that much?

1. $258.25 of Wagyu Beef tenderloin from Market Meats in Kitsilano. th-12. $771.43 of Perigord Truffles from Mikuni Wild Harvest.TruffesNoires3. $1,056.00 of Northern Divine Caviar from the Sunshine Coast.NorthernDivine-Label_large4. $4,270.50 worth of Saffron Threads from The Spice House.Saffron-Threads5. $17,755.20 worth of Gold (as of the rather hectic date of August 24).th6. $85,392 worth of Viagra from CanadaDrugs.com.viagra And the new WL? You can pick it up for $5.99 at participating Chapters, or for free at our retails partners listed here