Give your home office a makeover with these stylish accessories.

There’s nothing like a tidy office space to get the creative juices flowing. In the spirit of those cozy, work-from-home days, here are five must-have office accessories from the WL archives to keep your work space looking clean and stylish. (Photo Credit: School House)

1. School House’s Wire Framed Trash Bin ($149)

Who says waste baskets can’t look trendy? This hand-crafted, vintage waste bin from School House is the perfect addition to your home office. Designed in a mid-century modern style, each bin comes with a removable wire base in the following colours: misty green, marigold or persimmon. (Photo Credit: Pottery Barn)

2. Pottery Barn’s Linen Pinboard ($166)

No home office would be complete without a personal touch. Pottery Barn’s chic Linen Pinboard is the perfect spot to hang photos, notes, artwork and other pieces of creative inspiration. (Photo Credit: Umbra)

3. Umbra Toto’s Storage Box ($30)

When it comes to designing a chic-yet-functional office space, simplicity is key, which is why this Umbra Toto Storage Box is a must-have accessory. With small compartments and a removable tray, this multi-functional toolbox is perfect for decluttering your workspace and keeping everything organized. (Photo Credit: Orling And Wu)

4. Orling And Wu’s Pappelina Rug ($223)

This Pappelina handwoven rug from Orling and Wu is both chic and eco-friendly. It also comes in a wide variety of patterns, so whether you prefer a bolder design or something a a bit simpler, this rug is great for tying your space together.

5. Yamazaki’s Nest File Stand ($35)

Created from durable steel, the Yamazaki File Stand from The Container Store is perfect for storing magazines and folders. The soft-matte finish and sleek colour make it an office accessory that is both classy and functional.