Interior design often becomes the focus when refreshing your property's look, but what's the first thing you or your visitors actually see? That's right, It's the outside. If the exterior is failing, out of style, or in need of maintenance, it might be time to give the outside of your home some much needed TLC. Let's look at ten signs your property could benefit from an exterior makeover.

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Increasing Energy Bills

Energy bills are always there and increasing year over year. In 2006, these costs increased by a whopping 32% and between 2021 and 2022, they'll increase by nearly another 1.5% in the United States. It's clear that making your home as energy efficient as possible can save you a lot of money throughout the years.

If the exterior of your home has signs of wear and tear, such as broken masonry, peeling vinyl, or rotting wood, It's a sure sign that heat has an extra place to escape. Not only that, but the cold from outside has a sure way of getting in.

A quality stone veneer to your home provides a large thermal mass, which means when the surrounding environment is warmer, the stone facade will absorb the heat to keep things cool. When the surrounding environment is colder, the stone will release thermal energy back into your home.

Restless Home Syndrome

We've all been there: You look around your home and feel stagnant, like something has to change. Not everyone can afford to just uproot and buy a new house, but there'sstill a way you can solve €œrestless home syndrome€. A good remodel€”inside, out, or both€”is a great way to make the old new again. When you drive up to your house and it looks like a completely new building with an eye-catching stone veneer, it won't just be the house that feels renewed, it'll be you, too.

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Water & Wind Damage

Ice, rain, and wind can all damage a home's exterior, but high-quality stone facades survive these pressures much better than wood, vinyl, and even metal.

Signs that the facade of your home has been damaged by weather over time include: 

  • Broken or loose brickwork
  • Rotting or cracked wood
  • Peeling or discolored vinyl
  • Fallen masonry

If left unattended, these problems can worsen, resulting in water ingress. As water and moisture make their way inside your home, other problems like hazardous damp and wood rot may follow. All of this can be corrected and avoided in future with a quality stone veneer that will stand up even to extreme weather.  


Related to water ingress is discoloration€”when dampness sets in, black mold spores will begin to grow, sometimes even on self-proclaimed anti-mold vinyl and sealant.

Low-quality stone can also be a haven for mold, turning a beautiful exterior into a blackened mess in only a couple of years. Watch for dark or green patches on the exterior of your house.

Cladosporium, which is a fungus, is one of the most common culprits and can thrive easily when given the chance. Uses premium cut stone to reduce moisture saturation, ensuring that mold doesn't get a chance to take hold.


Credit: Pacific Art Stone

Neglecting Appearances

Approximately 15% of over 55s say the way a street, cul-de-sac, or town looks is paramount in defining how people feel about living in that area. This drive to collectively raise and maintain the standard of a neighbourhood, can motivate people to care deeply about their community.

If you've looking around at the outside of your home and realize that It's dingy or rundown compared to your neighbours€™ homes, and if the finances are there to make a change, it could be time for a remodel.

Low House Prices

In Canada alone, house prices rose by nearly 10% in 2020 and over the last decade they€™ve risen by a staggering 81.45%. During the same time, US house prices have increased by 77.67%.

People are willing to spend more and, as a result, expect more in return. Even if you aren€™t thinking about selling your home now, It's wise to keep your home's value competitive.

Remember, the exterior of your home is the first thing a potential buyer will see, so make an immediate first impression with a classy stone facade.

Credit: Pacific Art Stone

Growing Family

A growing family means needing more room for people, storage, and living space. Whether making room for a child, aging parent, sibling, pet, or even just yourself, maximizing space is key. In fact, 38% of moving Canadian home owners in 2021 said that needing more space was a top priority.

When you remodel the inside of your house, this will often mean making alterations to the exterior, especially if you've building an extension to your property. Sometimes a brand new facade is the best way to go, remodelling the older part of your home's exterior at the same time so that everything is consistent, beautiful, and elegant.

Attracting Quality Tenants

A whopping 29% of renters think the look of a property is most important in determining whether to live there or not. Your rental property might be beautiful inside, but if the exterior needs a lot of work, it will put tenants off from signing any lease. A new facade is a great way to make your property look fresh, increasing the chance your tenants will look after your property.


Credit: Pacific Art Stone

Poor Facade Materials

Your property might be looking worse for wear because it was constructed using poor quality building materials. Whether natural or manufactured stone veneers, or any other materials, It's so important to make sure the construction materials used are from a reliable source.

Poor Workmanship

It's unfortunately a common complaint:

€œWe had the exterior of our home remodelled a few years ago, and now It's falling apart!€

Even the best materials must be used correctly. Without the expertise and diligence to install a facade properly, disaster can strike. Worse still, you must prove builders€™ liability if years have passed, and construction litigation can be a nightmare. It is best to call in an established, trusted facade supplier to either fix or replace any flawed work by a previous builder.

A high-quality remodel with the best materials needn€™t cost an arm and a leg. Contact one of our trained staff today, and we'll be delighted to help you give your home or property the beautiful exterior it truly deserves.

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