These rooms are made absolutely fabulous by using a touch of gold, the essence of elegance.

Who doesn’t love a little hit of sparkle and shine? We dug through the WL archives to find the best ways for you to incorporate a touch here and there around your home to make living that much more luxurious. (Photo: Janis Nicolay.)

1. A Humble Approach

A modest brush of rose gold on the light fixtures really shines against the overall white of this bathroom. This, contrasted with the exposed brick, gives the bathroom a “modern sensibility,” says designer Kerri Watson. (Photo: Jo-Ann Richards.)

2. Golden Glamour

More than just a touch, this gold-clad bathroom is the epitome of glamour. The walls and floors, in Jerusalem gold limestone, are consistent with the colour palette, binding this room together. Designer Stephanie Brown’s goal for the room was, “to keep it functional and attractive for today—but to not have it date itself anytime soon.” (Photo: Joshua Lawrence Studios, original photo

3. It’s All in the Details

This trendy restoration in Victoria pairs fixtures with furniture to create a strong theme. In this bathroom, every little detail has been meticulously thought out. From the shower hinges to the doorstop, a brassy gold is the glue that holds this room together. And who said you shouldn’t mix patterns? The diamond tile flooring paired together with the marble shower walls are a fresh take on these two bathroom trends. (Photo: Janis Nicolay.)

4. Household of Gold

Stephanie Brown uses touches of gold throughout her home sparingly with sophistication. In the kitchen and bathroom, small rose gold handles paired with the arching tap are subtle touches with a bold impact. (Photo: Sarah MacNeill.)

5. Liquid Gold

This gold faucet accents Kyla Bidgood‘s unique and contrasting kitchen design. The ensemble may have a big-spender look but it was in fact very budget-friendly. The white that is used consistently on counter-tops and cabinets is actually porcelain, not quartz. “We wanted the space to feel tailored,” says Bidgood. (Photo: Janis Nicolay.)

6. An Abstract Light Feature

Retro fun was designer Stephanie Brown‘s inspiration for this gorgeous abode. It all started from the playful Marilyn Monroe piece and grew from there. The ’80s were a large inspiration in choosing the rug, credenza, and that show-stopping chandelier. (Photo: Phil Crozier.)

7. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

This Hollywood-glam mirror acts as a clever disguise to the fold-out bed hidden in the wall. Corea Sotropa Interior Design have made this guest room fabulously functional—it doubles as an at-home yoga studio. (Photo: Martin Tessler.)

8. Simmer and Sparkle

Who minds slaving over a hot stove all day when you’re doing it in style? This gold backsplash feature wall in Douglas Cridland’s condo, catches the light from all angles and is sure to inspire your kitchen creations.

9. A Scene-Stealing Coffee Table

Stephanie Brown does it again. In this soft pastel living room, the gold coffee table grabs your attention and won’t let it go. A perfect contrasting centre piece.

10. A Glitzy Throw Pillow

These golden throw pillows are a simple addition, perfect for brightening up any room and making a statement. Use them on your bed, your couch or even bar chairs. Sew and Home owner Dawn Foord says, “I love the glamour of gold…I used it throughout the house.”

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