You’ll want to stay indoors this winter thanks to these decor tips from interior designer Laura Melling.

As we approach the official start of winter and the days get shorter and darker, it feels more important than ever to cultivate a sense of cozy chic in the home. We turned to Laura Melling, interior designer for Mosaic Homes’ new Edward project, to get her top three decor trends for the winter season.

1. Opt for a moody colour palette.

sizedinsta_edward_provide_07 Frame dark, textural wallpaper for a dramatic backdrop to any room. 

Think emerald greens, deep cabernet, and muted burgundy and black. Melling suggests using a dark accent wall to highlight larger pieces, like a library wall but if you’re not sure about going all in with paint, framing a large swatch of bold wallpaper instead of going full wall is a beautiful way to bring some drama on a less permanent scale.

Accessories are always a good way to incorporate a new palette into a space as well. “Leading into the colder months I think we all want to layer on softer, warmer things, on our bodies and in our homes.” One of Melling’s current textile go-to’s is a line of Merino wool and silk pillows and throws from Teixidors which come in rich burgundy and charcoal tones.

2. Embrace rich natural textures and finishes.

insta_edward_provide_04a Get the look with this ‘Targa’ chair by Gebrüder Thonet and ‘Meet the Wicker’ basket by Chudy and Grase.

“Lately I’ve been seeing a lot of examples of modern woven textures,” says Melling. “Natural materials like cane and rattan are making a comeback in a big way.”

To keep the look current rather than kitsch, keep the combination of materials minimal and looking for pieces that pair woven inserts with clean classic lines. “I tend to pair the look with matte black or white to keep a simple modern palette while still having a layered feel.”

3. Bring nature to you.

sizedmosaic_edward_event_hr-10-1 Photo: When They Find Us.

“Living in Vancouver especially, everything starts to look pretty grey this time of year, so it’s nice to bring some green inside, the more tropical the better.” Melling suggests going bold with your botanicals, selecting large sculptural floor plants paired with interesting vessels. Her favourite varieties are seeded or silver dollar eucalyptus — which also make beautiful holiday garlands and wreaths — but anything tropical with big leaves will do the trick. For those less inclined to put their green thumb to the test, the look can also be every bit as lush with dramatic floral arrangements or self-sufficient succulents.