As we (very reluctantly) prepare for the cool, damp arrival of fall, we’re preserving those last memories of summer through bright, beautiful design. Here are 5 colourful living rooms that use unique hues to liven up the space.

Credit: Brianna Hughes

A Scandi-Cool Living Room with a Splash of Green

McClelland and Hughes of Ministry of Interiors seamlessly bring elements borrowed from Scandinavian, French, and Spanish design into this chic living room. The muted walls make the sofa the star of the show. And we're not the only ones loving the pop of animal print on that pillow, right? Read more here

A Glitzy Gold Yaletown Living Room

Leave it to interior designer Aleem Kassam of Kalu Interiors to pop gold accents into his living room. The patterned throw pillows and rich green jewel tones add bold details to the space’s aesthetic.  Even so, our eyes are drawn to the gold circle art that accentuates the room's character. Click here to learn more about incorporating gold into your interiors.

A Colourful Calgary Living Room Reno

In this living room, designer Martine Ast plays around with colours and patterns in an eclectic, fun way. The feature wall with paintings by artist Aron Hill is the highlight, but we also love the mismatched seating, especially the bright vintage chairs and playful bird motif. To see more of this colourful house, click here

A Playfully Pastel Living Room in Vancouver

If a Disney princess designed a modern four-bedroom condo in downtown Vancouver, this would be it. Kat MacInnes softens and brightens the space with a combination of white and pink. While the pastel pinks and blues bring the calm, the tiny gold accents make the space more eye-catching. Read more about this pretty in pink aesthetic here. 

An Eclectic and Cozy Designer’s Living Room

It takes a true design genius to create harmony out of chaos€”especially when prints are involved. PlaidFox Design Studio’s lead designer, Ben Leavitt, made sure to pack the design of his own living room with personality. From the colorful prints of the throw cushions to the fun tropical leaves on the drapes, the living room truly reminds us of summer. See more of Leavitt’s quirky space here.