Designer Janette Ewen shares a few of her favourite ways to customize a space in a snap.

Revamping a room is often about strategic addition rather than starting from scratch. Janette Ewen, interior designer and co-host of the W show Inside the Box (catch her at the Edmonton Home Show on October 23-25) is no stranger to this tactic. Her signature move? Including “winks” in her designs, playful details that make the home friendlier. Here, she shares five simple decor hacks sure to liven up your space.1. Get playful with wallpaper. Wallpaper is back with a twist. Putting wallpaper on the ceiling or one wall can change the feel of a home, especially when combined with LED rope lighting or chandeliers. “You can use more expensive wallpaper than you might otherwise,” Ewen says, and edge it with crown molding for even more effect.2. Add whimsy to practical items that are typically given little thought. Instead of buying a toilet paper holder, let out your inner kid and buy a toy dinosaur (something solid with a long neck, of course), then spray paint it a bright colour.3. Make familiar objects new again. Do you have a surplus of wire wastepaper baskets? Turn them into seating or side tables. Flip the basket upside down, spray paint it your colour of choice, and add a flat top – Ewen suggests a circular piece of marble.4. Include items with personal stories in your decor. “Midcentury modern mixed with Brady Bunch” is how Ewen describes current sensibilities. Warm up midcentury décor with the inclusion of homespun items such as vintage tennis racquets on the wall or old sweaters turned into pillowcases – not everything needs to be polished or brand new.5. Take chances on bold colours like pink or chartreuse. “A feature wall brings a space alive,” Ewen says. Accent walls are a great way to add excitement to a space without overwhelming the room.