We’ve gathered together some of our favourite staircases that combine fashion and function.

It’s easy to assume that functional pieces in your home serve a single purpose, especially with something as utilitarian as a staircase. But why restrict them to pure function? Staircases offer a great opportunity to add a structural element or a visual focal point to your living space. Plus, when done right, they can feed light throughout your home. Here are five stylish staircases to consider for your next reno.Western Living's Stylish StaircasesThe floating stairs in this Fairview home allow light to filter from the top-floor skylight through to the different levels of the home. Designer Arthur Erickson chose to create tension between the modern architecture, like the lofty ceilings and floating stairs, and ornate decor, such as the rich fabrics and rugs.Western Living's Stylish StaircasesThis “modern Vancouver Special” boasts a central staircase that flows light from the top floor (where there are two rooftop decks!) all the way down to the basement. Architect Marianne Amodio used the wooden screen to add texture to this vibrant space and allow air and light to flow through the various levels of the home.Western Living's Stylish StaircasesWhen Trevor Linden started the renovation on his Whistler townhouse, he thought it would be a small project. It turned out to be a complete revamp, meaning the stairs were torn out and replaced. The steel structure allows the landing to hover between floors, and the artful floating stairs and glass railings allow light to filter through. (Plus, check out that wood panelling!)Western Living's Stylish StaircasesOwner, architect, and designer Majida Boga Devani decided to add a custom metalwork railing to the staircase in the kitchen of her Calgary home to mimic her geometric backsplash. The railing is both functional and beautiful, as it keeps her children safe from the stairwell and also serves as a eye-catching focal point for the space.Western Living's Stylish StaircasesArchitect Howard Airey and interior designer Alanna Johnston worked together to create a space made for entertaining in this Vancouver home, including a metal staircase that leads to the rooftop patio. The utilitarian feel of the staircase is mirrored by the exposed brick wall (the bricks were sourced from a decommissioned chocolate factory in Pennsylvania!).