And you thought desk drawers were only meant to hold stationery and pens.

Re-imagine what your desk space can do for you, and your appetite. Here are a few things to always keep in your desk, whether it’s for a snack or to dress up your next meal. 

 What’s in our Desk Pantry:

 1. Marcona Almonds

These round little Spanish wonders are perfect for a quick fix—and their high price tag will hopefully discourage overconsumption!

2. Vancouver Island Sea Salt

Sea salt makes (almost) everything better, and Andrew Shepherd’s version is local and delicious.

3. Lesley Stowe Veggie Crisps

From the Vancouverite who reinvented the cracker come these new savoury snacks made for the midday nibble.

4. Pocky

The Japanese know a thing or two about work culture, and these chocolate-dipped sticks stay “fresh” for ages.

5. Togarashi

The PC Black Label version of this workhorse Japanese spice mix works like a dry charm here when sprinkled liberally. Persian za’atar also works well.

6. Hot Sauce

An inherently personal choice, but make sure it’s one that doesn’t need refrigeration after opening.Go with something with a little more viscosity, like Valentina or Cholula, over, say, Tabasco.

7. Dried Mangoes

They’re odourless and they keep forever-these healthy little blasts of sweetness are a simple way to end a desk meal.

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