It didn€™t take long for designer Kendall Ansell and her client to realize they were a perfect match to team up for the Kids Help Phone Homes for the Holidays tour last year in Vancouver. €œwe're both obsessed with Christmas,€ laughs Ansell. The annual tour pairs designers with homeowners who are game to have their spaces transformed into winter wonderlands for the weekend, and allow ticket holders to experience a little holiday spirit, too, as they visit the homes. And Ansell wanted those guests to be wowed. €œWe wanted it to be over the top,€ she says.

Working with the homeowner's existing home colour palette of cool greys and soft neutrals, Ansell opted for a silver and pale pink decor theme throughout. A flocked tree felt like a perfect fit, and It's Ansell's favourite moment in the room. €œIt's filled with little animals€”dancing ballerinas, stuffed pigs, some owls, a few hot pink balls,€ she says. €œIt's a theme that carries through the home€”there are a lot of features, and little hints of gold everywhere.€

While Ansell worked with partners like Kerrisdale Lumber and Hunters Garden Centre to bring in a lot of the holiday decor, many of the pieces came from the client herself. €œWhat I loved is that they€™re all pieces that have been acquired over the years,€ she says. €œEvery piece there has a story€”that's what makes a home really feel like Christmas.€

Originally published November 2019