How defogging your windows can make them look like new for a fraction of the cost.

Discovering moisture or fogging in your windows can be stressful for homeowners who believe they now must start budgeting for replacement windows that can prove costly.€œWe hear from many people who believe the €˜seal€™ is broken and they now have to replace the windows, but that is a misconception,€ says Carol Emerson, owner/operator of All About Windows Defogging in Calgary. €œAnd, we need to put the message out to clear up this misconception and educate people on defogging.€Rather than replacing windows that have moisture in them, Emerson says homeowners should consider the option of defogging. €œYou could potentially save 50 to 70 percent of the cost of replacement, which, especially in this economy, is big savings to homeowners.€œBut, you also save time as we can defog an average window in a half-hour to an hour, and it's not intrusive since the majority of our work is done on the outside of the window,€ she reports. €œPlus, defogging reduces landfill waste.€€œAll windows have the potential to become wet, and often homeowners find they€™re replacing the same window over the years due to this problem,€ Emerson says. €œBut the defogging process removes the moisture permanently so homeowners never have to worry about a €œfailed seal€ or moisture in that window again and we provide a transferable lifetime warranty.€It's also important to get the defogging done as soon as you recognize there is a problem, she says, €œas the sooner the window is defogged, the less time it will take to dry and the clearer it will be.€

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