You just need to head a little bit (a lot) South.

While the rest of the team here dedicates their days to sussing out the greatest houses in Western Canada, I spend altogether too much time searching the world for properties for sale that—when compared to the insanely high prices we expect here—seem too good to be true. But I’ve even outdone myself with this one. At risk of sounding like a mortgage loan add: Would you like beach house?1364243275That’s cutting edge modern design?1358542501That’s under $500,000?1358542485There’s no real catch—sure Mexico hasn’t exactly been assuaging foreigner’s fears of late, but Todos Santos is by all accounts, very safe and very cool. It’s designed by the acclaimed Gracia Studio and has been widely published and seems, in a word, awesome. PS – I sort of expect an invite, renewed yearly, if anyone buys this place. Listing is here. (free registration required)