Not to be disrespectful, but when we heard this house was designed for a fashion-forward client, our first thought was, “Duh.”

That’s because this bold interior design tells us all that in one glance. You’d have to be a little bit edgy, a little bit glamourous, and a little bit of a risk-taker to wind up with a home as runway-ready as this Calgary number.

Of course, your design team needs to be all those things and more, too—which is where Katie Rioux and Candice Arcuri of Calgary’s DWK Interiors come in. “They were willing to push the limits, so it was just a really fun project,” says Rioux.

The fashion lover (a candy entrepreneur)—with input, of course, from her CEO husband and their college-age kids—tasked the designers with embracing texture and contrast. And through many back-and-forths from across the country over a two-year pandemic, the shell of an 8,000-square-foot spec home became something truly couture.

PHOTOS: Inside This Fashion-Inspired Calgary Home

Photos by Michelle Johnson 

The exterior of this luxe Calgary home.
“The big direction was ‘a boutique feel,’” explains Rioux, and nowhere is that felt more significantly than the foyer. “It almost reminds me of the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Vegas.”
The fireplace in the great room is a 3D mosaic tile from Porcelanosa. “You feel like you have to go touch it,” says Rioux.
A mix of textures here amps up the luxury, from the Loloi area rugs to the cowhide ottomans on up to the sleek 120” custom sofa. A ten-foot-long light fixture hangs overhead.
The Noir coffee table was inspired by a stiletto.
In the kitchen, the vibe remains deliciously swanky. Dekton Stone cabinets are a joy to touch, while walnut cabinetry warms up the space.
Designers Rioux and Arcuri enjoying the fruits of their labour.
Dekton is typically a countertop material, but here, it’s used for cabinet faces.
A little built-in bar has the feel of a cocktail lounge, complete with an antique mirror backsplash.
The dining room table was built by Black Forest Wood Co. from a tree that the DWK Interiors went in to physically select.
Rich texture can be found on every surface.
Ketra mood lighting provides a visual accompaniment to musical performances.
The family is extremely musical, so a small performance and entertaining space (with built-in coloured mood lighting) is included in the floorplan, built around the grand piano. Of course, this is still a home: the walls are lined with black-and-white photos of their former home in Halifax. A glamorous fireplace is lined with tile from Ames.
Gold and glitter details offer an element of glamour.
Even the stairwell brings the drama.
A dark palette for a son’s bedroom.
Each bedroom has its own personality, designed in conjunction with its occupant.
The nine (!) bathrooms in the home each have their own special twist, including a delightfully moody black-on-black bathroom attached to one son’s bedroom. (Read more about this part of the project in the Bathrooms issue).
The perfect reading spot.
One of the kids’ rooms: pretty in pink.
A simple monochromatic palette for this bedroom.
Yet another bathroom.
Bathroom number… who knows.
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The second walk-in closet in the primary suite.
The 150-square-foot ensuite mirrors the kitchen, eschewing expectations of “light, bright and airy” in favour of bold drama. Here, we see the Dekton Stone and walnut cabinetry again, but this time with an elegant herringbone tile that runs all around the room.
Ketra mood lighting illuminates the enviable closet. Each lighting setting (or “mood”) is named after a different luxury brand—a soft glow for Chanel, for instance.
The bedrooms all live on the second floor, including the champagne-inspired primary suite.
“Let’s be frank: we wanted luxury,” laughs Rioux. “We wanted the gilded gold wallpaper and 3D tile, wanted to go a little overboard in a lot of places.”
The backyard provides a secluded spot to soak up the sun.


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