See how the “Love It or List It Vancouver” star illuminated his West Coast family home with help from Robinson Lighting and Bath Centre.

Transforming our 1973 arched A-frame cabin into a contemporary west coast family home was a steep challenge — almost as steep as our cabin’s roof. One of the most challenging elements we had to navigate was our home’s lighting. The main space connects the kitchen, living room, and dining room in one large, open-concept area. It has twelve-foot ceilings and large fir beams. Picture an upside-down boat in your mind’s eye and you’ll start to understand how lighting the large space became problematic.There is a shallow cavity between the cedar outer wall and the interior drywall, so recessed lighting was out of the question. We also knew there would be no art that could be hung on these curved walls: the lighting had to be both functional and ambient. But how?Cue the resourceful staff at Robinson Lighting & Bath Centre. We approached them with our challenges and left the showroom with answers. After an extensive consultation, a steady stream of options trickled in.Robinson_ToddTalbot_001The first fixture found its place in our living room. The Aerial Chandelier from Currey and Company now hangs from the twelve-foot high central beam. Comprised of three large cubes, hinged from different angles, the fixture gives an eye-catching and sophisticated flare to the room. Because of it’s inherent white-space, our view of the ocean remains unobstructed, which is key, as our expansive view of Howe Sound is our most “West Coast” feature.Robinson_ToddTalbot_FeatureImageNext up, the kitchen island — an area that we huddle around evening after evening. We chose three Signal pendants from LBL Lighting, fixtures that are simple and practical and enhance the Scandinavian feel of our kitchen.Robinson_ToddTalbot_003The most difficult fixture to decide on was the one that now hangs over our dining room table. In order for the light to be centered, it would need to hang from the end of one fir cross-beam and light an 80” table. We spent countless hours researching the perfect addition to our space, but with no luck. However, when Robinson Lighting & Bath Centre took on the challenge, they introduced us to the Adanac Light of Propellor Light Company, a local Vancouver lighting manufacturer. The fixture suits our space perfectly — a clean, modular design that focuses on the beauty of natural wood in flawless balance with this room.Navigating the hundreds of lighting manufacturers and understanding the dynamics of different lights is a full-time job — one that Robinson Lighting & Bath Centre happily takes on. Lighting is an element that serves both style and function. Choosing fixtures is an opportunity to personalize your space and set a tone for your home.The impact that lighting has on a home is challenging to measure. When light is insufficient or off, it affects the atmosphere and mood of the space. However, when done right it can make your home shine (pun intended).